Friday, 9 March 2012


Fuck. Probably the word I have best incorporated to my english vocabulary in the past two years. Two years already. We are only a couple of weeks away from 2012's Easter holidays. In other words, about six more weeks of class. And I still feel like I have to take off.
But to be fair I think I brought that feeling with me when I moved. And definitely was carrying it well before. Like you know that something big is going to happen to you. Sounds very glorifying I know. It's a non mathematical situation ( as my mate would say) where you have no idea how or why you just keep on pushing. Forward. Inner strength I heard it was called.
I keep on pushing.
And I go to class. Then I don't go. But I never waste my time. Days blend into one another and weeks come and go like temptation. I try to keep it all under control but the best lesson of the year was to learn what control actually meant. Letting go.
Because when I accepted that the same way I seem to unexplainably keep on breathing things around me kind of seem to be doing the same thing I took a decision. To coexist.
That way, everything kind of blends in together and the bigger picture in my head becomes harmonic. Ish.
Fuck. Its actually kind of comforting. 

Monday, 12 September 2011

light it up eight hours

It is cold and it has been raining. Sat in the kitchen with my earphones on full blast and having watched and felt very identified with a whole season of Sex and the City, I decided to create a blog. Not because i never have, I must have at least five that I have forgotten about, but I hope this one remains a little longer!
My intention is to write now and again, hopefully in some kind on continuous way, situations, questions, things that catch my attention or that I would bother about.